Birch Public Inquiry – Jul/Aug 2016

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The former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, The Right Honourable Eric Pickles MP decided to hold a non-statutory Public Inquiry into the proposed demolition of  St. Peters & St. Paul Church Birch, Essex.

 His office says that this is …

‘to enable the viability of the church to be fully investigated and all relevant considerations to be properly examined and scrutinised, a non-statutory public inquiry should take place

A firm date has yet to be announced, but we have been told that it is to take place in July/August 2016.

Letter from the Secretary of State (click here to download)


  1. Tony barker
    2nd September 2016

    I note your expecting the inquiry into Birch church to be July/August 2016 but I take it that it has not materialised yet.
    I am intd in this bizarre case and would want to attend. Can you tell me the date if and when one emerges from the Dept?

  2. Tony barker
    11th November 2016

    I’d be grateful to learn this inquiry’s opening date (if and when it ever actually opens) as I wish to attend — partly in order to report on it to the Vic Soc and the AMS (member of both).

    Thank you

    • David Balcombe
      7th December 2016

      Hi Tony
      Many apologies for the delay in replying.
      We STILL do not have a date for the Inquiry! Our best guess is April/May.

      We will post details on the web site as soon as we are told.

      It would be great if you could attend.
      David Balcombe

  3. Tony barker
    19th February 2017

    Dear David 19/02
    Thanks for your message about Birch public inquiry — it will be intg to see if a promise by a now long-departed SoS is actually fulfilled.
    I’ve been apptd by the Prince’s Regeneration Trust (on nomination of Matthew at the Anc Mons Socy) to the new BPT and company they were contracted to establish for St Osyth Priory’s proposed cons and repair (the cons defecit is est at a mere £35m as I recall offhand). I’m a newcomer so I’d welcome lunch with you one day to get your reaction to a bizarre case. Could we do that?
    Best wishes, Tony

    • David Balcombe
      20th February 2017


      Give me a call on 07722 780923


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